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Ксения Козырко

Школа: Bell St Albans

This winter holidays I was at private camp school in London. I spent there 2 weeks. As soon as I arrived they showed the school, the apartment and the coming room, where we can stay and relax at free time. On the first day we had some welcoming activities to make friends with other students and to get acquainted with staff. The next day we had a placement test and two English lessons. The timetable of the following days was like this: breakfast, then meeting time, the 1st lesson, lunch, 1 more lesson, free time for about 15 minutes, then 3rd lesson, the activities, free time again, dinner evening house meeting time. The rules at school were strict. We weren’t allowed to run, to leave the school area, to visit other students’ bedroom and staff’s rooms. But we had to visit all lessons and activities every day. If you break the rule you will get a yellow card. Two yellow cards mean leaving school and going back home. Most of all I liked activities. They were interesting, funny and sporty. Each activity lasted for more than 2 hours. Winners got sweet. 3 or 4 times a week we had an excursion to some famous places of interest. We visited Buckingham Palace, Science Museum, National British Museum, Big Ben and some other. We also had a trip to St. Alban. English lessons were very cognitive. Usually a lesson lasted for 2 hours and a half. We studied there grammar and vocabulary. We also communicated a lot. Another thing I remember is food. It was tasty and on Tuesday we had a traditional English breakfast. I tried there a delicious “Crunchie“ and fantastic Macaroni. I enjoyed the time at school very much. I made a lot of friends and want to visit it again.
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